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How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

July 14, 2017 | Categories:

You’re going to be outside with your dog as much as possible this season. Here are nine ways to keep him safe, cool, healthy, and protected from the elements all summer long.

While summer is the season for outdoor workouts, barbecues, and basking in the sun, summer also presents challenges for dogs.

There’s the risk of overheating, for one thing. There’s the chance of eating the wrong foods, for another. Add in the occasional adventure—suiting up your dog for boat rides, protecting your pooch from hot pavement—and there’s plenty to think about in advance.

Here are nine special health considerations your dog wants you to know about—and how you can take care of him all season long.

Solution: “Never leave your dog in the car,” says Kim. If you’re traveling in an RV and need to leave Rocket in there with the air conditioning on, you might want to consider a device with a Bluetooth-connected alarm so you’re alerted if the AC turns off. The La Crosse Alerts Mobile 926-25101 GP Wireless Monitor System ($27.17 on Amazon) works 24/7 and will send you early-warning text and email alerts if either temperature or humidity levels go beyond pre-set ranges.

Read the full article on Men’s Fitness.

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