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Reasons You Shouldn’t Empty Out Your Savings Account at the Closing Table

Unsplash. White House with brown roof

December 10, 2018 | Categories:

Anyone who’s buying their first home has probably gotten used to stalking their bank accounts leading up to their closing making sure they’re beefing up their savings for a down payment and closing costs. (If you’re just thinking about buying a home, get your personal finances in order and follow these personal finance tips to… Read More

8 Healthy Snacks to Keep at Your Office

Unsplash. Small bowl of almonds on wooden counter

November 28, 2018 | Categories: ,

As a kid, snack time was always something to look forward to—usually because it meant fruit snacks, granola bars, or salty chips. Snacks equaled fun. If that’s the remained a constant through adulthood, it’s time to make some adjustments to your diet. Noshing on snacks that have little to no nutritional value when you’re trying to… Read More

How to Keep Your Dog Safe This Winter

black dog in snow

November 9, 2018 | Categories: ,

Ever wonder what you should you do about your dog when temperatures plummet? He or she still needs to go outside, and they still need exercise, but is it safe for them when it’s frigid out? Can winter weight gains hurt them? I talked to Dr. Mark Verdino, veterinarian at North Shore Animal League America… Read More

Quiz: Where Should You Volunteer This Month

Unsplash. Women and men in blue volunteer shirts outside.

October 21, 2018 | Categories:

Volunteering is a wonderful activity that not only helps others, but it makes you feel good, too. When you lend your time, talents, and energy to others or a good cause, you’re making a difference in the world one person at a time. Some studies have shown a positive correlation between people who volunteer living… Read More

Indoor and Outdoor Workout Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Active

Pexels. Puppy running towards camera with a green ball in his mouth

September 27, 2018 | Categories: ,

Getting yourself to the gym can be a significant challenge. It’s even tougher when you can’t drive, you lack opposable thumbs, and your primary skills are “Sit” and “Stay.” Yes: Dogs need to focus on their fitness, too. And like any good workout partner, they depend on their fellow friends to keep them in shape…. Read More

Jewelry You Should Give the Bride: A Comprehensive Gift Guide

Pexels. Bride holding bouquet on her lap.

September 10, 2018 | Categories: ,

Celebrating a special bride and her special day? Find the perfect thoughtful gift that speaks to her distinct personality and style in our personality-driven gift guide. While the bride in your life might have kitchen gadgets, bathroom accessories, and linens for her bedroom on her bridal shower registry, chances are, she would also love a… Read More

The FDNY’s Preparedness and Training Post-9/11

September 10, 2018 | Categories:

(This article was originally published in 2016.) Fifteen years ago, the largest and most unexpected emergency response event in the modern history of New York City forever changed the world in which we live. After losing 343 members of the FDNY family on 9/11, the Department was forever changed, rebuilt out of the ashes and… Read More

Signs You’re a Terrible Listener

September 9, 2018 | Categories:

Are most of your conversations in one ear and out the other? Here’s expert advice on how to focus, connect, and improve your listening skills. You interject with a comment or story immediately. Many of us don’t “listen” at all; we’re just waiting for our turn to talk, says Gerald M. Goodman, PhD, professor of… Read More

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