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April 1, 2019

When I need a break from writing freelance articles, interviewing sources and emailing editors and clients, I love to go on a walk outside and listen to a podcast that teaches me something, usually about small business, personal finance, or freelancing. Not only do I enjoy learning by listening while walking my dog or running errands, but I often pick up interview tips from the podcast hosts. Here are a few podcasts I listen to regularly.

I’ve been a guest on Wellpreneur and Alex Cespedes’ podcasts where I talked about how I got started with freelance writing and how others can become freelancers.


Podcasts This Freelancer Listens To

NPR Up First

While I’m doing other things in the morning, like making coffee and breakfast, I’m listening to a quick glimpse into the news cycle and the most important things in news, politics and pop culture to know and keep in mind for the day.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Dave Ramsey is a personal finance guru known for his aversion to debt. While I enjoy hearing Ramsey’s personal takes on the financial news and current events, I’m most entertained by hearing callers’ personal stories. Listening to anecdotes that run the gamut from divorce, death, losing a job, and trying to pay off tons of student loan debt from every corner of the country makes me feel very grateful for my own life. It also helps me stay focused on my financial goals and often keeps me from winding up in a store while on a walk! I also find it inspiring to hear stories of triumph about families with small children and one income buckling down and paying off debt, building up savings, and feeling relief with this personal finances. (In this article, I interview Ramsey’s daughter, Rachel Cruze, and other personal finance experts about how to reach your money goals.)

The Jordan Harbinger Show

I started listening to Jordan Harbinger’s podcast a few years ago when he was with another company, The Art of Charm. At that time, a lot of the interviews and discussions were about relationships and self-improvement in the lens of finding or building a great relationship. With his new show, Harbinger’s podcasts have evolved into high-caliber interviews and I enjoy listening to his discussions with guests, which tend to be authors and leaders across different genres who promote introspection and self-improvement.  I’ve found a lot of useful advice from the experts Harbinger interviews and often read their books.  And, the Feedback Fridays are a bit like listening to a cross between Dear Abby and Dear Polly where listeners from around the globe share their relationship, career, and personal issues.

So Money

I’m a big fan of the personal finance genre and enjoy financial journalist and author, Farnoosh Toorabi’s So Money podcast. She has interviews with experts (usually women) in the personal finance space and I find new, inspiring women to follow, businesses and books I want to read, and learn a lot about investing. She hosts Ask Farnoosh on Fridays where she addresses reader questions, usually with a co-host.  More female-led personal finance podcasts I’ve been enjoying? Afford Anything with Paula Pant who addresses smart money decisions to make to help you lead your best life long term. I also look forward to Wednesday mornings when the HerMoney podcast with journalist, Jean Chatzky, drops and I hear interviews with money experts dishing out financial planning advice.

10% Happier

ABC News journalist Dan Harris uses his interviewing chops to host discussions about meditation with meditation teachers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the meditation world. As a regular meditator myself, I find it interesting to hear how others came into their practice, and how it’s helped them grow in their personal lives. Harris does an excellent job of making sure the lay listener’s questions are posed to the interviewee and he makes sure the podcast feels conversational, yet informative. (Here’s how to get started with meditation if you’re a beginner.)

High-Income Business Writing Podcast

Freelance writer and coach Ed Gandia interviews freelance writers and various freelancers to learn about their successful careers, how they got to where they are now, and their advice for other freelancers. I love hearing about the different types of freelancers out there as well as hearing that they have some of the same challenges and struggles I do.

NPR’s Hidden Brain

The journalist and anthropology major in me loves the deep dives into a topic that host/journalist Shankar Vedantam explores in what drives human behavior. I recently listed to “The Edge of Gender” and learned why children’s clothing is divided into pink and blue hues, “Just Sex” about the hookup culture on college campuses today, and “The Ostrich Effect” which explains why we’re all checking our retirement portfolios when the stock market is doing well. I also enjoy NPR’s How I Built This.

Side Hustle School

Host and author Chris Guillebeau highlights freelancers have found success with interesting “side hustles. Businesses range from writers creating wedding speeches to T-shirt designers, musicians, and more. He has a weekly recap on Fridays that highlights each show so you can choose to go back and listen in more detail to a podcast, or just walk away with some inspiration from listening to that summary.


What podcasts do you listen to?


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