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Stay On Track with Your 2017 Financial Goals


January 8, 2017

While the New Year is often about self-improvement, a financial-themed resolution is a popular one, and, if done well, could result in much less stress by next year. I spoke to financial experts Rachel Cruze, author of Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want, and Kathleen Gurney, Ph.D.,… Read More

The FDNY’s Preparedness and Training Post-9/11


November 28, 2016

Fifteen years ago, the largest and most unexpected emergency response event in the modern history of New York City forever changed the world in which we live. After losing 343 members of the FDNY family on 9/11, the Department was forever changed, rebuilt out of the ashes and now is stronger and more resilient than… Read More

Why You Can’t Concentrate


June 17, 2016

A warm, sunny day may have you wishing you were outside, but that’s not the only distraction causing you to lose focus. Here’s how to regain it. Meditation can do wonders for the mind, but no amount of time spent on the cushion is going to help you get your focus back if an underlying… Read More

Signs You’re a Terrible Listener


June 9, 2016

Are most of your conversations in one ear and out the other? Here’s expert advice on how to focus, connect, and improve your listening skills. You interject with a comment or story immediately. Many of us don’t “listen” at all; we’re just waiting for our turn to talk, says Gerald M. Goodman, PhD, professor of… Read More

Be Even More Productive When Your Schedule is Packed

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June 1, 2016

Make no mistake: Upon re-entering the workforce, it’s likely your Outlook calendar will resemble a mosaic of brightly colored tiles. That’s because the average American office worker spends more than nine hours of every week preparing for or attending status meetings, according to a 2015 survey by software company Clarizen. And while some meetings help… Read More

An Inside Look at How Ebola was Stopped in New York City


May 6, 2016

When Haz-Tac EMS Paramedic Winsley Julien first got the call on October 23, 2014, that a patient in Hamilton Heights very likely had Ebola, the 15-year EMS veteran said he started to get a little nervous. “I took a deep breath, but then I knew we had the suits, so I would be okay,” he said. Paramedic Julien had… Read More

Morning Habits of Highly Organized People


May 6, 2016

Notice how certain people seem to have effortless, calm mornings while the rest of us rush through early hours in a whirl of bleary-eyed chaos? These tips from organization experts will set you up for a goof-proof, productive morning. They try to be the first one up Waking up 10 to 15 minutes before the… Read More

Nighttime Habits of People with Great Skin


April 12, 2016

The best evening skin-care practices to help you wake up with your best face forward tomorrow morning. They take their makeup off. All of it. Always take all of your makeup off at night—the last thing you want is residue of last night’s mascara on your face in the morning,” says Christine Choi Kim, MD,… Read More

Fast, Easy Beauty Tips


January 18, 2016

Take a daytime “no makeup” look (tinted moisturizer, mascara, and bold brows with a neutral/nude lip color) into night by adding a black winged-tip cat eye, says celebrity makeup artist Nil Muir. If you’re not great with making a straight line, use a black eyeshadow first and start from the inner corners out, then add… Read More

Is THIS the Reason You Shop Too Much?


June 20, 2015

Have you ever found yourself trying to avoid nighttime snacking by browsing some of your favorite shopping websites? Or feel the need to reward yourself for “being good” this week with your diet and exercise plan so you stopped by your favorite store, only to discover your arms are covered with shopping bags an hour… Read More

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