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4 Ways Physical Touch Keeps You Healthy


June 26, 2017

If you and your partner regularly find yourselves sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, science says you’ll enjoy physical and psychological benefits from spending some time cuddling in each others’ arms. Whether it’s an intimate tangle or a heartfelt hug, physical touch with a loved one is healthy in many ways. Here, happiness expert Andrea… Read More

Is Your Smartphone Hurting Your Relationship?


April 13, 2017

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: you’re sprawled on the couch with your partner, wrapping up the last details of your day. Their response? Silence, punctuated with a tap, tap, tap on a plexiglass screen. Sound familiar? You’re not alone; smartphones are taking attention away from our partners, causing strife and discontentment in… Read More

Habits of Couples with Great Relationships


June 17, 2016

Here’s what intimate, connected couples do inside and out of the bedroom to keep their sex lives hot. They have separate interests. “The happiest couples I’ve interviewed say they have a dynamic life together and an active life apart,” says Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of Cheat on Your Husband (With Your Husband). “I… Read More

20 Inspiring Quotes and Brilliant Insights About Love


February 12, 2016

If you’re looking for love or trying to find new ways to appreciate your partner, consider these invaluable insights from some of the world’s most inspiring thought leaders, past and present. This Valentine’s Day, and every day, aim to live with more patience, compassion, understanding, and love for your partner and those closest to you…. Read More

Surprising Reasons You’re Not in the Mood


February 11, 2016

If you can’t pinpoint the last time you made the first move — or didn’t resist when your partner did, certain libido killers, like a your medications, a strict diet, work stress, and even allergies, may be to blame. Here’s how to fight them off so you can get back to a healthy sex life.

Relationship Experts Tell You How to Fight Fair


March 15, 2015

Disagreements and arguments with your partner don’t have to wreck the relationship—in fact, fighting can actually help. Just follow these expert ground rules. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for a few months, a few years, or a few decades, you’re bound to fight with your partner at some point. But what constitutes “fighting” is different for… Read More

Save Face in 8 Awkward Holiday Situations


December 19, 2014

The holidays are all about socializing as much as possible with your friends, family, colleagues, and your significant other. To help you prevent making mistakes (or know what to do if you’re in the midst of a disaster), I talked to Susan RoAne, keynote speaker and best-selling author of How To Work a Room: Silver Anniversary Edition…. Read More

12 Phrases That Drive Women Absolutely Crazy

12 Phrases That Drive Women Absolutely Crazy

July 12, 2014

If you’re a man old enough to read these words, there’s a 99.9% chance you’ve said something to piss off a woman. And while we’re sure you probably didn’t mean to elicit that strong of a reaction, you can probably recall a few cringe-worthy memories when some flippant remark made your girl (or a complete… Read More

What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile

What He Really Thinks About Your Online Dating Profile

March 19, 2014

Online dating can be difficult. You know you’re a smart, healthy, driven woman, but putting your best self forward to the world is easier said than done. How are you supposed to know what to include, exclude, and how to word it all in order to attract the right guy(s)? Bravo’s previous series Online Dating Rituals of… Read More

“What Went Wrong?” Dating Problems, Explained

"What Went Wrong?” Dating Dilemmas, Explained

February 27, 2014

We talked to 10 women who found themselves in complicated dating and relationship situations that they’re still confused by and got tip from dating experts so can learn from their mistakes and dodge future dating disasters. The long distance disappearing act. Her take: “While out with friends, I met a guy who lived 100 miles away. We talked,… Read More

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