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How Many Hours Do Freelancers Work Each Week?

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This freelance question is one I see posed often to freelancers. And, quite honestly, it can be all over the place for different freelancers.

I’ll answer for myself and share some posts that works for other freelancers.

I average about six hours of work five days a week. Sounds pretty good right?

Now, think back to the last time you really worked for an hour at your day job—like didn’t stop emailing, writing, interviewing, researching (not scanning social media), and analyzing content and idea. That’s what I mean by one hour.

According to a 2016 study, the average full-time freelancer works 36 hours per week, reported this article.

Some weeks I work on weekends—I find Sunday nights are quiet and I can get a lot done that day, like scheduling social media, and I’m more productive than on a Monday morning. I also like sleeping in some mornings so if working at night is better for me, that’s what I do.

If I’m very busy with a ton of deadlines—and most freelancers know that the workflow is usually ‘feast or famine’—I might work six days a week for 10 or so hours a day. But I try not to do that too often because I’ll get burned out.

During those six(ish) hours about five days a week, I’m probably working for about 10 clients so I have a variety of work to keep me busy. I also might work 10 hours on one day and only two the next day if I’m traveling, attending events, or taking the day (somewhat) off for personal time. Like this week, I worked on Sunday and Monday and took off most of the day Tuesday to run wedding planning errands with my fiancee.

But I also try to stay in touch with previous editors and continue to pitch ideas to the editors I’m turning in assignments to, so that “touching base” and “researching new ideas” for clients I’m turning articles in for averages about three hours a week. (Be sure you stop making these mistakes on work calls.)

Here are links to some other freelancers who answered the question of how many hours they work a week differently than I did.

Tina M. responded on AMAFeed.com that she works about 40 hours weekly for several steady clients each week as a freelancer.

Freelancer Tamara Berry said she usually works about 25 hours per week.

Freelance writer Jennifer Mattern said freelancers should not aim to work seven days a week. I agree!

On this Reddit thread in 2014 a few freelancers shared their average hours worked per week.

How many hours do you work as a freelancer?

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